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"It's all about trying to increase our clients purchasing power while reducing their exposure to risk."

"Risk and reward are inexorably linked. We attempt to find that sweet spot between mitigation of risk and growth, custom tailored to each clients specific goals and objectives."

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  • When it comes to investing, experience is everything! Portfolio Management Co. has over 50 years of personalized Investment Counsel experience. PMC is at the forefront of seeking out economic demand, locating pockets of prosperity during quickly changing economic times, and under any market conditions. Clients' capital is positioned accordingly and re-positioned when it is in the clients best interest.

Let PMC put our 50 years of experience to work for you and guide you to your financial goals.

Here at Portfolio Management Co we understand that entrusting someone to invest your hard earned capital is a scary thing to do, especially in today's uncertain economic conditions, but rest assured that in our hands we've helped clients with all types of backgrounds successfully retire with their financial hopes and dreams met and often exceeded. We want to help make that dream become a reality for you and your family too. Portfolio Management Co remains dedicated and true to its original principles of preservation and growth of our clients purchasing power.

What many investors fear

  • First let's address the elephant in the room! What many investors fear is the Ponzi scheme! How could investors taken by their Portfolio Manager have avoided that scenario? The answer is to have utilized a third-party Portfolio Manager with NO WITHDRAWAL RIGHTS managing the account. Portfolio Management Co does not act as a custodian of clients capital. Portfolio Management Co acts soley as a third-party manager making purchases and sales on behalf of the client but with NO WITHDRAWAL RIGHTS. The clients' broker/custodian makes sure no one can get access to our clients hard earned capital unless it's the client! Don't take our word for it; call your brokerage firm and verify this.

  • Secondly investors fear loss of their capital. Portfolio Management Co runs a risk averse portfolio strategy, running a long stock position and simultaneously a short option position on most optionable equities. This is known as a "covered call option contract". This allows for taking profits in the short option positions during volatile times, thus partially offsetting losses and reducing the overall volatility of the portfolio. While PMC cannot guarantee against losses we do our due diligence to incorporate risk mitigation into each client portfolio while attempting to provide above market returns.

Alignment of Interest

  • Portfolio Management Co works within an architecture that is in alignment with the client's best interest. PMC does not get paid based on transaction activity in client account; our motivation is to exclusively grow clients accounts. As client accounts increase in value our compensation grows in direct proportion. This architecture is a more direct alignment of interests between manager and client than that found with Financial Advisors (brokers) who receive their compensation based on transaction activity, and or retention fees.